czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009

Embedded TagCloud

Hi, i like tagcluds, i use them for firefox and google plugins. Today i've done, using Roy Tanck's, a nice embedded tagcloud flash. that will change html code like this:<embed id="tagcloud" width="650" height="450" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
src="tagcloud.swf" name="tagcloud" bgcolor="#ffffff" quality="high" allowscriptaccess="always"
<a href='#1' style='12'>Menu Górne</a>
<a href='#2' style='12'>Menu Dolne</a>
<a href='#3' style='12'>Menu Lewe</a>
<a href='#4' style='12'>Menu Prawe</a>
<a href='#5' style='12'>Zapis</a>
<a href='#6' style='12'>Odczyt</a>
for nice graphical interface like this: when u move your mouse over flash - tags also are moving. In this way u get interaction.

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